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"La Pérgola de Las Flores"

"La Pianola delivers a vibrant interpretation of this Chilean classic in a professional production of excellent artistic level.

At the same time, the musical direction and arrangements by Pablo Concha look full of energy, tuning and meaning  (...) with around twenty actresses, actors, dancers and live musicians singing in tune."

Lorenzo Pulgar

Theater critic

"Incoming Call"

"I have to congratulate you for your acting work. I saw the play from beginning to end without rest, without stopping, without getting bored, and the most fantastic thing, without doing analysis of direction or staging or acting, which means that something good happened.


I was entertained, it made me reflect and above all, technologically, I was amazed"

Ramón Núñez

Actor, National Award for the Performing Arts 2009


"Pablo is a talented writer whose music is consistently innovative and

exciting. (...) Pablo’s heart lies in work for young audiences. I was on the faculty panel for his thesis musical, Quillén, which is a family story about a young boy grieving the loss of his father.

The musical is a beautiful, fantastical journey full of Chilean folklore and musical styles. It’s the

perfect representation of where Pablo’s passions lie – bringing stories full of the best part of his

culture to others."

Julianne Wick Davis

Awarded composer and lyricist

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